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The Wii, Motion Technology and Gaming

On November 19th 2006, Nintendo changed the face of gaming by introducing motion technology to games consoles. This allowed for a whole range of different games which required a completely new type of gameplay. Instead of bashing buttons on a normal controller, gamers were given a remote. The remote’s movements are picked up by a […] Read more

Futurama From The Convenience Of Your Computer

Futurama is one of the funniest shows on television; would it not be nice to watch Futurama online from wherever you want? Television can be such a drag sometimes, they way you have to have cable or no good antennae, the internet however is a much more reliable way to distribute media, and now your favorite adult-cartoon-futurist show is available online.

If you have not seen Futurama before, here is a quick rundown of the plot. It is about a 25 year old pizza delivery guy named Fry whose life seems to be going nowhere, one day he gets cryogenically frozen and finds himself defrosted in the year 2999. If that sounds interested to you, read on to learn all the benefits of watching it online.

There are a lot of good reasons to watch Futurama online, one of them being convenience of time...

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What Can We Learn From The Raspberry Pi Experience

The Raspberry Pi computer is one of those disruptive innovations in the IT field that is meant to bring a lot of change. Most of all, it comes out from the UK tech industry, so we can really be proud of it since it is expected to quickly invade the IT world.

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is a bare-bone credit-card sized computer with the main aim to provide a low-cost tool for students that are learning to code. I know, the first time I heard about it, I thought the same: how can you put a computer into a credit-card sized machine? But lets be clear here: it doesnt come with the peripherals like a screen or a keyboard. The project has been presented by Dr Eben Upton of the Raspberry Pi Foundation which is based in Cambridge...

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Factors That Affect Computer Rental Prices

The computer rentals industry is growing rapidly as more and more companies use this service to fulfill their temporary computer requirements. Although computer rentals are quite inexpensive, the prices could vary significantly depending on a number of factors. Here are some of the key factors that determine the price that you would have to pay for computer rentals.

Rental Period

Computer rentals usually cost less when you get into a contract for a longer period. A long term contract allows rental companies to save on the recurring expense of delivering the equipment, installing it, and bringing it back to their premises at the end of the rental period. Most companies are willing to pass on these savings to the customers if they go for longer plans.

Technical Specifications

Latest comp...

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Getting A Firewall To Protect Your Kids

Your kids have the potential to attract malicious internet attacks and unwanted people from taking over your system. This is because they may not have the ability to know if the sites or programs they are visiting and using are safe or not. And this is not their fault. As a parent, you should always take the initial move to take care of your kids whenever they go online. One way to do it is by setting up a good firewall.

A firewall is a computer security device that prohibits illegal access to your computer. In physical analogy, a firewall is like a main door of your house with security lock the separates you from the outside world. If someone wants to enter through your door without a pass, that someone can’t enter...

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s And 80s Mobile Phones

Although mobile telephones have existed in some fashion or another since the 1950s, these were primarily 2 way radios with a phone operator on the stationary end. The first mobile telephones as we now know them emerged in the 1970s, with the emergence of six sided cell transmitters and automated handover technology, which allowed you to carry on a phone call from one transmitter zone to the next without the need to re-dial. Most transportable on the market at this point were incredibly bulky and heavy, and at first, were only made available as a permanent installation in a sizable vehicle, which is why they were often referred to as being car phones. However, manufacturers soon converted these units into self-contained transportable phones, which were about the size of a briefcase.

The f...

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Introduction To Computer Network Architectures

Network architecture means design of computers, devices and media in a network. The computer network can be designed using different ways. The most popular network architectures are described below.

File-Server Network:

In File-Server computer network, a powerful computer having disk with large storage capacity and processing power is installed as central computer. This central computer is known as File-Server, Network Server, Application Server or simply a Server. A File-Server stores and manages files. The data files and software are stored on the Server. The individual computers on a network, called nodes, access the data files and software on the Server. It means that, the File-Server is used to store files and to forward them to nodes that request for them.

Client/Server Network:


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Ezpc Computer Repairs Long Island Queens Nyc Brooklyn Staten Island Bronx Nassau County

TD Group is a company focused solely on delivering the best computer services to our clients in long Island. We are the one stop for all your computer needs. We can help you with: Virus Infections, Broken Laptop Screens, Slow Computers, Physical Damage, No power, Power jack Replacements, Dim Screen, Liquid spills, Blue Screens, Computers Shuts off or Overheats, Computer Wont Boot Up, Computer Clean-ups, Operating System Reloads, Memory, Hard Drive or Video Card Upgrades and many other Computer Repair Services. Check out our website for more details at are conveniently located 2002 Grand Av Baldwin NY and 501 Burnside Av Inwood NY.
Our support staff provides a wide variety of computer services for residential and business clients...

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Computer Information Technology Is A Boon To The World

When computer and communications technologies are combined, the result is information technology. Computer Information technology has revolutionized the world making tasks simpler and convenient.

IT industry is booming world wide to its full. In India, IT companies have been spreading its tentacles to various other cities like Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad after establishing its foot in Delhi and Mumbai. Information technology services include data management, networking, designing, development and also the management and administration of entire systems.

The internet communications has brought the world closer. Anybody from any corner of the world can communicate through mails instantaneously by availing internet facility...

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Critical Characteristics You Have To Consider When Buying A New Laptop Computer

Once you have made the decision to give your kids a computer and an office for homework, exactly what is the next step? The first thing you are going to need is a computer. Your choices are desktop, laptop, tablet.

Desktops are the original personal computer. The usefulness of desktops is that they can have the best components. Not only that, but the hardware is generally easily accessible, so you can add better components to the computer later on, instead of investing in a brand new computer. You might want to upgrade the video card, or add a hard drive. Desktops also often have six or more USB ports, whereas laptops only have two or three. The biggest CPUs and GPUs must have big cooling fans, and these will only fit inside a desktop...

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