How to remove Bucksbee loyalty plugin completely

Unlike MyWebSearch Toolbar , Bucksbee loyalty plugin is some kind of spyware browser that will add to your Internet Explorer or Firefox without your knowledge. Even though you have deleted the app from the add-ons, yet when your search, it still pops up as my browser to slow down the Internet speed as this user complained:

-I accidently got this bucksbee -browser’ plugin, I deleted it from my plugins by myself, yet when I search it still comes up as a browser…Anyone knows specifically how to get rid of this?-

To completely get rid of the Bucksbee loyalty plugin, first you have to get your PC into safe mode as this will close all other running processes and applications. And then, you can perform any of the follow solutions to uninstall it.

Uninstall Bucksbee loyalty plugin in Internet Explorer *Open the Start menu and then go to Control Panel. *Double-click the Add or Remove Programs button. *Scroll down the list of programs to pick up the Bucksbee loyalty plugin. *Click on the Change/Remove button or Remove button to begin the uninstall steps. *When the uninstallation finishes, restart the computer and the plugin will be removed.

Uninstall the plugin in Firefox * Run your Firefox browser and click on the Tools menu. *Click on the Extensions command. *Choose the Bucksbee loyalty plugin. *And then click on Uninstall to uninstall the plugin. *Exit Firefox Extensions Manager and restart your computer when the uninstall finishes.

After you’ve removed the software from your PC, it’s essential that you can check out the registry database to remove all the registry settings that are left in there. As a spyware, the Bucksbee loyalty plugin will most of the time leave down some entries within the registry database. If cannot be removed completely, these settings will make the plugin acts at system reboot like a stubborn element or make your PC run slower. This is why some PC users complained -why the Bucksbee loyalty plugin still remains even though I have deleted it-.

However, it is not safe to locate and remove registry entries manually. If you have ever opened the Registry Editor, you will find that they are too complicated to indentify which one you should delete. If you delete a system required entry incorrectly, more unexpected dangers will come to your PC.

For the security of your computer, you should not manually remove Bucksbee loyalty plugin no matter you are a computer idiot or expert. It is best you can consider using a powerful program uninstaller tool such as Perfect Uninstaller to do the uninstall job for you. Not only will this uninstaller fix problems like left over programs and allow you to delete add-ons etc, but it also has the powerful features of being able to delete all the related & useless registry entries and values, as well as all related traces of the Bucksbee loyalty plugin. Simply speaking, the uninstaller will check and remove all traces of the Bucksbee loyalty plugin from your computer completely without leaving down any associated file.

In a word, compared with the manual uninstall approach, Perfect Uninstaller is a powerful and fantastic removal tool to fully remove and uninstall Bucksbee loyalty plugin with great success without no registry entries and related files leaving. Aside from this plugin, it also completely removes other programs like McAfee Family Protection, Trend Micro antivirus, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Norton, etc.

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