Info On Airtel Digital Tv

Airtel digital TV is one of the leading DTH services in the country. The Bharati Airtel announced this service and it has many unique features. The Airtel Digital provides Digital Dolby Plus sound and HDMI output for HD TVs. Airtel Digital TV also provides highest resolution at 1080 x 1920 pixels. Airtel digital TV offers crystal clear resolution and enhanced surround sound experience. The Airtel digital TV High definition is available at Rs.2250. This has introduced many packages such as south super value sports pack, economy pack and ESPN pack. The customer can purchase this Airtel Digital TV from any near by retailer or call to 12148. Airtel offers this service in more than 200 cities across India. This service delivers great picture quality and clarity along with quality audio and high definition ready interactive content. Moreover, it is equipped with DVB S2 technology and latest MPEG4 standard. This has many interactive applications such as iSports, iNews, iLearn, iNet, iMatinee, iAstro and more.

A DTH network consists of broadcasting satellites, centre, encoders, modulators, multiplexers and DTH receivers. DTH offers better quality picture than cable TV as well it offers stereophonic sound effects. Airtel Digital TV offers 208 channels. This DTH service works well in all weather conditions and provides uninterrupted service. The user can watch onscreen account details, make tele shopping, book cinema tickets and many more. The DD direct plus telecast 50 free air TV channel. With this service, you can watch Doordarshan and other private channels. The DD Direct plus price rate is Rs.1299. Sony India has introduced the DAV IS10 micro home theatre system. The system includes a subwoofer, five tiny speakers and DVD CD player. The system can be connected to the TV through BRAVIA theatre technology which uses HDMI to connect. The Sony home theatre system price rate in India is Rs.21, 599.

The LG Home Theatre includes Blue ray home theatre system, BD Live and 1000W RMS. The LG home theatre price in India is Rs.8, 199. Philips Ambisound technology allows you to experience fully immersive surround sound without the requirement for wires and multiple speakers. You can experience amazing home entertainment with the powerful surround sound system. Philips home theatre price in India starts from Rs.22, 000. Onida home theatre provides circle surround technology. ONIDA HTS 4800 home theatre price in India is Rs.11, 490. The home theatre price depends upon its features and technology.

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