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Thinking about stop smoking cigarettes however they are looking for a substitute for get out permanently? Sometimes you may feel ashamed to smoke in public areas but still cannot throw in the towel the bad practice of smoking? If yes, then here comes the perfect solution is to suit your needs by using Electric cigarette named Vibe. They have influenced people over the world featuring a positive results- consumers are enjoying it as it includes same taste a la a traditional cigarette. It doesn’t provide used smoking effect to the people loitering smokers.

Vibe E-Cigarette one innovative cigarette which delivers the nicotine taste and is particularly healthier alternative from the conventional cigarette you utilize. It gives you the freedom to smoke anywhere and anytime. Your buck is also relatively cheaper than traditional cigarette.

This E-cigarette is very exempt from carbon monoxide, ash, tar with the result that no affect your health and is particularly completely safe in your lungs. It satisfies smoking urge while in the smokers by nicotine flavor present in it. It truly is determined by new technology called cartomizer cartridges which release smoke such as water vapor. It doesn’t leave any odor for a clothes, hands and breath.

Vibe Ecig can freely be applied out places like restaurants, bar, hotel and cafes. A sensational scene to be charged heavy taxes high is ban on smoking. It blends with rechargeable battery that may be substituted for cartridge containing propylene glycol-emulating tobacco and nicotine. It includes same sensational feeling while smoking as delivered by tobacco.

Components of E-cigarette:

* Charger.
* 5 cartomizer cartridges.
* 1 wall charger.
* 1USB charger.

Most of our readers have asked us about Vibe E-cigs and what makes that product so unique. We have fallen plan some points that further explains the item and ways in which it works.

Vibe uses up to date e-cigarette technology called “cartomizer” cartridges. Traditionally e-cigarettes were composed of three pieces which were expensive to exchange and harder to smoke. Vibe’s technology allows customer for better vapor in the cheaper cost!

Vibe’s Smart Portable Charging Case (PCC) is wireless! Recharging your e-cigarette away from home hasn’t ever been so easy, simply eliminate the cartomizer in the battery and while in the charging pack without having to be plugged in!

There is no “on and off” start the Vibe e-cigarette. The cartomizer cartridge connects to the rechargeable battery, when you inhale the cartomizer cartridge activates and also the tip from the e-cigarette will glow red producing simulating smoke that evaporates in to the air in seconds.

You can adjust your nicotine intake according to your individual preference. The Vibe cartomizer cartridges will be the element of your electronic cigarette that looks just like the filter and comes in an in many different nicotine strengths. Vibe offers 4 great flavors from which to choose: Traditional Tobacco, Reds, Menthol and Cherry in several nicotine strengths.

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