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Fix Igfxpers.exe Error – How to Repair Igfxpers.exe Error Effectively

What is igfxpers.exe error? Igfxpers.exe file is the persistence module belongs to Intel Common User Interface developed by Intel Corporation. It is related with NVidia Common User Interface module for Intel graphics cards. The associated files of igfxpers.exe contain NV4_DISP.dll, nvwimg.dll, nvapi.dll, nvwrstr.dll, nvlsp.dll, nvsvc32.exe and nvvsvc.exe. There are multiple system problems can possibly result […] Read more

Fix Csc.exe Error – How To Efficiently Fix Csc.exe Error

What is csc.exe and csc.exe error?

csc.exe is not a Windows core file, it is located in a subfolder of C:\Windows. Known file sizes of csc.exe on Windows 7/XP are 49,152 bytes (66% of all occurrences), 76,984 bytes or 80,376 bytes. The program is invisible and is not a Windows core file. Therefore the technical security rating is 37% dangerous, do not delete it optionally unless your computer has been infected by virus or malware, otherwise you may run into csc.exe error.

csc.exe error is a common but serious EXE error which is tied closely with csc.exe file. A list of system files are associated with csc.exe, for example: jSgbT.exe, iOGNgcL.exe, Iyccl.exe, muyhvHV.exe, LNDCgLMHO.exe, qpYpaA.exe, xKOcO.exe viQWW.exe, MVPGLNs.exe and PaJaXCOqG.exe.

What cause csc.exe error?


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Fix MsMpEng.exe Error – How to Fix MsMpEng.exe Error Completely within Minutes

What is MsMpEng.exe error?

MsMpEng.exe error is a common .exe error that is associated with MsMpEng.exe. MsMpEng.exe stands for Service Executable and is a system process that belongs to Microsoft system security products, including Windows Defender or Microsoft Malware Protection or Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender Service or Microsoft Antimalware Service or Microsoft Antimalware. The associated files of MsMpEng.exe contain mpclient.dll, mpsigdwn.dll, mpasdesc.dll, msmpcom.dll, MsMpRes.dll, mpoav.dll, MSASCui.exe, mpcmdrun...

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Fix tapi32.dll error – How to efficiently fix tapi32.dll error within minutes

There are times when people suffer tapi32.dll error, which is annoying for error messages pop up now and then when installing programs, playing games, watching movies, etc. Have you ever run into tapi32.dll error? Are you tired of reinstalling the program to avoid tapi32.dll error but in vain? Do you want to fix tapi32.dll error within minutes? If you have been stuck in these situations for a long time, you should fully read this article. In the following, i will show you several solutions to help you fix tapi32.dll error and get rid of it forever.

What is tapi32.dll and tapi32.dll error?

tapi32.dll is a module that provides a marshaling layer that uses lightweight remote procedure call (LRPC) technology to transfer function requests to Tapisrv...

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Fix Ikernel.Exe Error – How to Efficiently Fix Ikernel.Exe Error Within Minutes

The descriptions of ikernel.exe and ikernel.exe error

ikernel.exe is a process belonging to the InstallShield installation Engine which is triggered during a program’s setup. This process is a security risk and should be removed from your system. Please notice that ikernel.exe is considered safe to your system, if it is not intentionally for you to remove or uninstall it, just ignore it. Otherwise in some case, you may run into ikernel.exe error.

ikernel.exe error is a common Installation error which is tied closely with ikernel.exe file. Multiple system files are associated with ikernel.exe, including: setup.exe, agent.exe, nview.dll, ctagent.dll, windowslivelogin.dll, tfswshx.dll, dlashx_w.dll and deSrcAs.dll.

The causes of ikernel.exe error


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